Thursday, 14 May 2020

The Instructor as Learner

In Ontario, preservice teacher education is moving from a one-year program to two. This means the Language Arts course I have been teaching for 2.5 hours a week over 20 weeks will now be divided into two years. Fifty hours now becomes 72, and I will be teaching the entire 36 hours each year in one term. This fall I will have a class of 30 students for 3-hours a week for 12 consecutive weeks. In year 2, the same students will see me twice a week @ 3 hours per class over 6 weeks. This means longer classes over a more condensed time-frame.

This change in time and structure has made me rethink how I will conduct my class. A blended learning approach, in which there will be both an online and face-to-face component each week is the direction I will take. Within this structure I am hoping to create a dynamic course in which I model principles of 21st Century learning. Subsequent posts will describe what I plan to do and chart my progress and challenges.

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